My School Clubs

English Essay on "My School Clubs"

A club is a body of persons associated for a common interest like social work, sports, games or acting in dramas etc. Interested persons form their respective clubs and contribute money to pay for expenditure. Our school has many clubs organized by the school authorities such as science club, history club, dramatic club, literary club etc.

Each of these clubs of my school works under the supervision of a teacher and one representative elected from each class. These persons constitute the management of the club. To be a member of a club, the interested student has to contribute a nominal sum to bear the expenditure for running the club. The teacher supervising the activities of the club is called president and the members of the club elect vice president, secretary, assistant secretary and treasurer from among themselves.

The members of each club meet twice a month in the school ball. They read articles on the topics already approved by the club in its previous meeting. After an article is read, other members give out their views about the article. Nearly each of the clubs has club library. Members of a club are required to collect books on the subject connected with the club. The secretary of the club looks after the library.

Members of the dramatic club don’t meet frequently. They meet when the annual function of the school conies near in their meeting they decide which one-act-play they would present before the audience. Then parts are allotted to different boys and they are required to learn the dialogues by heart. Then they meet daily, after the school is over, to rehearse. After the annual function is over the activities of the member cease.

These clubs are very beneficial and have educative value.(9essay.com) They teach the students how to write, speak, Endeavour to collect book and finally how to cooperate. They have also informative value and urge the boys to read and search for relative materials. The time passed in the activities of club is not wasted. Sometimes, these clubs make a future scholar or artist. Moin Akhtar and Jamshed Ansari were once members of their school Dramatic clubs and took part in dramas.

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