My School Garden

English Essay on "My School Garden"

Gardens are common in a city but it is not common for a school to keep one. We are fortunate that our school is situated in the vicinity of the city and is in possession of a plot of about ten acres for use as a garden. This plot is just behind the school building and has been fenced with high walls.

The plot meant for garden has been sub-divided into three subplots. All of these subplots are fenced with barbed wires. One of these plots has been used as orchard. Mango saplings from MirpurKhas and Multan and guava saplings from Larkana and Allahabad have been brought for this orchard. There are other fruit bearing trees such as falsa, lichi. jambol, jack fruit, palm, lemon and oranges etc., also in this garden.

The second subplot is earmarked for growing flower bearing plants. Roses of all shades and hues, white and yellow jasmine, joohi, champa, mimosa, queen of night, and other fragrant flowers are grown in this plot. Marigold and other seasonal flower bearing plants are also grown in this sub plots. There are two gardeners employed to look after these plants.

The third subplot is earmarked for nature study. The plot has been subdivided into various subplots. The students of lower classes go there in their nature study period, work there and grow Herb’s and plants.(9essay.com) They prepare the plots, sow seeds therein, and look after the growing plants. They fetch water from the nearby tank and water the plants. The science teacher, who takes the nature study classes, supervises the work of the students and advises them. It is always a fun to see little boys working there and looking after the beds allotted to each group. It does improve not only their health but creates in them the sense of dignity of labour and the habit of cooperation.

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