My School Library

English Essay on "My School Library"

My school library is one of the most famous libraries of my city. Independent of any aid from the government, or donation from well-to-do persons our school management has arranged to collect so many books that only a few libraries can afford.

Our school library has been established in a great hail. Wooden almirahs containing the books have been arranged along the walls. These almirahs have glass panes. There are some open wooden shelves also for keeping those books which are too frequently referred to. In the centre of the hail, long tables have been placed with chairs on either side of the tables. Students during recess or their vacant periods sit there and read newspapers and magazines.

Our library has a lot of books on nearly all subjects such as science, art, literature, economics, political science, education, history, geography etc. These books are given code number and are arranged number wise. The binding of the books is beautiful and durable.

A librarian has, on permanent basis, been engaged by the school. He issues books to the Students and the teachers. Students have to show their identity cards issued by the school to them. Then a library card is issued to each of them. When a book is borrowed by a student, necessary entries in his library card are made. A similar card bearing the columns for date of issue, borrower’s identity card number, and date of return is kept in every book. The librarian takes the card out, makes necessary entries and keeps it with him in a container meant for keeping it.

Our library also keeps news-papers and magazines most of which comprise of comics, and literatures for children. In an almirah some very costly books of reference such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Encyclopedia Americana are kept. These books of reference are given to the teachers only to consult during school hours. Nobody can take them home.

Making noise, talking loudly or infringing discipline are strictly prohibited in the library room. To keep strict discipline in the library, prefects keep a close watch and if a culprit does not refrain on warning he is fined by the Head Master on receipt of a complaint against him from the prefect.

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