The Annual Sports Day of My School

English Essay on "The Annual Sports Day of My School"

It is customary for all the schools throughout the world to hold sports. In my school the sports day is celebrated in the last week of January each year. Students look out for this day eagerly to participate or to enjoy the feats and performances.

This year, too, the annual sports were held on 31st of January. The Head Master declared the day as a holiday but attendance was made compulsory. The students of each class gathered in their respective classroom and after the roll call, were taken to the playground by their class teachers. There they were seated in their allotted enclosures.

Boys who were interested in any field or track item gave their names to the teacher in charge of the sports. Parents were invited to witness the sports and most of them had already arrived and had taken their seats, under a canopy specially erected for them. At 10 a.m, the Head Master arrived and declared the competition open.

The boys, who wished to participate in the competition, were categorized into three age groups and competitions for each item were to be held separately for each age group. Heats for the track items like 110 meter’s dash, 220 meter’s dash etc. were held first followed by heats for long jump, Hop-step and jump and high jump, and other field items. From each heat the boys securing first and second positions were taken for the final.

Before the final, other interesting items such as three legged race, frog jump, sack race, obstacle race, musical chairs etc. were held. In fact the spectators enjoyed these items much. Fruits were hung from a horizontally fixed wire and small boys were required to jump and eat the fruits.(9essay.com) It was a fun to see them jumping and missing.

Lastly the finals of field and track items were held. Parents of the boys securing position were very glad. After the finals, the Head Master requested the inspector of schools to give away prizes to the winners. Claps encouraged each boy whose name was announced. The winners came one by one to receive the prize. After prize distribution the guests as well as the boys of the school were entertained with sweets and tea.

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