Being A Maid Servant

English Essay on "Being A Maid Servant"

How humble is the position of a maid servant in a family. The very name gives the idea of a maid servant, generally old, poor and poorly clad doing very odd and petty jobs in a house. She serves all the members of a family equally well but nobody respects her. She deserves some respect, if not, at least some regardful attitude from those whom she serves day and night with unquestioned obedience. But she is so contented with her lot that she does not expect any regard from them. All the members of the family call her by her name, rather nick-name.

Her duties are manifold. She rises even before early morning. Her daily job begins with the preparation of the breakfast, and then she heats water (if it is winter) for their early wash. When the day dawns, the inmates begin to rise one by one. Each of these expects her to assist him or her in preparing for the day's work. The big ones demand water and shaving sets to be ready for their shave and bath. The children demand that she should help them in their early cleaning and search their books and pack up their satchels. The ladies cry for their respective tooth brushes, dental pastes and favorite cosmetics. She runs here and there, serving each of them turn by turn. One May perhaps, think that she might be puzzled in such a confused situation. No, she is used to it and she remains as unruffled as ever. Then all the men women and children pour into the dining room where she greets them with a smile of welcome and serves breakfast.

Then the members of the family go out to attend to their affairs and she• escorts the children to their school with their satchels and small Tiffin boxes in her hands.

On return from this duty she begins cleaning the house. She cleans the utensils, dusts the carpets, mantles, doors, windows, chairs, and other pieces of furniture and washes the kitchen and bath. Then begins her shopping. She goes to the market and purchases large variety of household things. From the provision store she moves further to the vegetable seller, fruit seller, stationer, grocer, draper and then back to her kitchen for the preparation of lunch.

Nearly at noon the lunch is ready. After lunch there is very short interval for rest. Then she goes to the school and escorts the children back home. This is, now, the time for evening tea after which remains busy in the kitchen till the supper is taken by all the members.

These are her routine duties but there are some other things that she has to perform in the time of emergency and sickness. She is excessively busy when the guests are staying with the family. On Eid day and other such festivals there is no holiday or enjoyment for her.(9essay.com) Her work becomes three-fold on such days. Marriages and other functions go to increase the workload.

She is in the most pitiable condition. Generally the old, widowed woman continues her work in view of her helplessness, but the maid servants who are comparatively younger discontinue the service and take up some other jobs which are more respectable and independent than this one.

She leads a static life-a life which has absolutely no spice, no hopes, no joys, no ambitions, nothing of the sort. Even her monthly salary is not paid regularly. She has no right not to talk of any fundamental right) no privilege, no right to any leaves or increment. What a dull and monotonous life does this prosaic woman lead!

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