Is Sports Day More enjoyable for Performers or Spectators

English Essay on "Is Sports Day More enjoyable for Performers or Spectators"

Sports are very important in the life of people. They are not only receptive in value but also teach us certain things that are helpful in our practical life. The main thing is the excitement and intense pleasure that the sports day affords to the performers as well, as spectators. Sports day is the best means of enjoying a holiday.

Performers and spectators both enjoy a sports day. Performers are spirited and display their talents in the best possible manner. Apart from the hope of winning a prize they feel a lot of pleasure in the activity. They show their skill with a sense of pride. But there is a fear lurking in their unconscious mind regarding their performance. The fear is that of failure or defeat. If they fail for one reason or the other the enjoyment is marred. There are certain performers who may be very expert in their particular skill, but they may feel nervous before spectators. Similarly certain performers may develop a sense of inferiority when they face a performer who is more skilful than they are. In this way they apprehend defeat and degradation of the hands of an expert competitor. Therefore, the performers cannot have full-fledged sensation of enjoying the sports day.

On the other hand spectators have enjoyment of the sports which can in no way be marred either by a sense of failure or hope of defeat. Performer is serious and busy in his own performance. He does not like to look at the performance of others and hence cannot enjoy it fully. If at all he looks at it he secretly compares it with his own performance. This destroys his pleasure. When he is busy in his own display he is absorbed in the activity and takes it upon him with a sense of duty. In that way, too, the enjoyment is hindered and limited.

But there is no such difficulty with the spectators. They are the passive on-lookers. Unlike the performers their aim is simply to witness the show. Some of the spectators come to see the performance from the viewpoint of an amateur and so they like to learn something in addition to the pleasure that they get. All other spectators come simply for the fun, for the delight, for the entertainment that the sports day affords.

To the spectators the sports day is merely a holiday which they enjoy heartily without any consideration of the defeat or victory of any performer. From the tiring and busy humdrum of their worldly affairs the spectators run to the procreative resort of the sports day where they forget all the cares and worries, forget even their own selves. This self absorption brings them the identification. That is, they are so absorbed in the performance that their' rapturous delight enables them to feel as if they were the performers themselves.(9essay.com) This identification is the most thrilling and enjoyable aspect of the sports day.

We can imagine their intense pleasure when we hear their applause. When the spectators experience a deep sense of enjoyment they begin to shout, to cry, and to cheer. Even some of them begin to dance. The sounds of 'Hurrah' and 'Buck up' and other hilarious movements lift the spectators up from this world of weariness and monotony to the enchanting land of excitement, thrill and ecstasy. They enjoy all the events, all the performances, all the activities all the time. Such as enjoyment as this is visible only on the side of the spectators.

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