My Idea of Happy Life

English Essay on "My Idea of Happy Life"

Thought of pleasure completely depends upon what a human has. If a human does not have wealth, he would think that cheerfulness lies in possessing wealth. Another would find cheerfulness in meditation and still others in gossiping. It is wrong to think that one can get cheerfulness by labouring for it. It comes as naturally and as refreshingly as the morning air.

I think one can get cheerfulness by enjoying the work in hand. If a human keeps himself mentally busy and remains satisfied, he can remain happy. Our high hopes and soaring ambitions often make us unhappy. If a human thinks that every moment is to be enjoyed like every drop of wine left in a cup, he will definitely be happy.

This type of satisfaction excludes envy and jealousy. One should never think of others, cheerfulness rather one should remain satisfied with what one should have. The habit of comparing and contrasting and the desire to become what others are, often leaves a sorrowful heart.

One can enjoy while watching the birds or kicking his heels upon the ground. One can be happy in catching the butterflies or by looking vacantly at the beauties of Nature. In fact one should find every moment quite absorbing and should always think that every moment is the most important one. He should take as much interest in that moment as is possible. Cheerfulness is a state of mind and not a possession. It is a product o imagination and not of labour. It is to be enjoyed through spirit and not through senses. It can be felt and not seen.

If a human can enjoy peace of mind, his is the happiest life. (9essay.com)If we are hankering after the worldly things and desires were to remain unhappy. We should do our duty without thinking of the result. Duty which God wishes us to perform should be our aim. Such people will not be overjoyed by success or frustrated by defeat.

Similarly life should not be the ultimate aim of living. This is a preparation for the next life. Such an attitude makes us indifferent to the death of our near and dear ones. Though this attitude needs a great control over one’s emotions, yet this can afford cheerfulness.

Cheerfulness cannot be monopolised by saints. It cannot be the special right of the wealthy people. It is not meant only for a child. Cheerfulness can be enjoyed by a common man. It is around us; we are to discover it. A man should tune himself up for it and he will get it.

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