Oh These examinations

English Essay on "Oh! These examinations"

Oh! These examinations are always hanging on our nerves. One can never get rid of them in one's life as long as one is a student. There are examinations and examinations all through. There are quarterly examinations, half-yearly examinations, the horrible December Test on which the detentions are based annual promotion examinations and so on. In addition to this continuous chain of examinations and tests which is always torturing the students in the internal life of a school, college or any other educational institution there are some other examinations called University, Board, Departmental, professional or Competitive Examinations. There, too, are categorized as Annual and Supplementary; previous and Final by-parts and comprehensive Old course or New course Three year-course and Two-year-course and the like. Such a large number and variety of examinations are so puzzling that a poor student does not know how to get out of this maze. Most of the candidates do not even understand whether they are eligible for one examination or for the other.

When a student enters the portals of an educational institution he is like a bird-light winged, free, calm and peaceful-fluttering, flying and floating in the airy heights. The examiners, sub-examiners and other members of these examining agencies are like the hunters camouflaging a network examinations so as to entrap the bird and deprive him of his freedom and pleasure.

Then, there are some other merciless traits of these examinations. Sometimes, unfortunately, one paper or the other leaks out for which the authorities are entirely responsible. But who is to suffer? It is the faultless poor student who is asked to re-appear. So the student has to burn midnight oil anew and to work harder than ever. This is extremely painful.

Then, these examinations are wearisome, tedious, monotonous and dull. They break the flow and continuity of studies. Moreover, they are so tiring that the student loses interest in everything. The student becomes restless and uneasy. The nearer the examination, the more intense is the discomfort and unrest. The student begins his preparation. But this preparation has nothing to do with the rest advancement of learning. All that he is to do is that he crams un-intelligently certain important portions of his text. This is all the more irksome.

The educationists may say that the examination is a test of one's ability.(9essay.com) But it is absolutely wrong. It is more or less a game of chance. The student has to learn certain things by heart. There is every possibility that a dull student may succeed and an intelligent student may fail when the former has by chance, crammed particularly those questions which are set in the paper.

Moreover these examinations do not require the regular work on the part of the student. Most of the idle students while away their time during the year but they begin their cramming one month before the commencement of examination. In this system of examinations there is no need of attending the classes of doing the home task assigned by the teacher during the session. Regular hardworking and serious students and the idle, wandering and careless students are at par with one another.

Then these examinations encourage unfair means. The careless students try to influence the superintendent and invigilators in the examination center and use unfair means. Some people approach the examiners who evaluate the answer-books and get undue benefit. In this way the poor and un-influential students are left behind. When the result is declared the undeserving students suffer simply because they worked hard seriously and took the examination honestly.

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