Problem of Stray Dogs in My Street

English Essay on "Problem of Stray Dogs in My Street"

Stray dogs in my street are a very big problem. They welcome every stranger or passer-by with a loud bark. Their barking is not only disturbing but also highly frightening. These dogs, nearly ten to fifteen in number, have partial control over 'law and order' in my street during daytime but full administration during night hours.

Some of these dogs are very dangerous. The school going children and the strangers are never safe. Every week you can hear one or the other case of a dog-bite. So the parents are always worried about their children, especially those who read in the primary schools. The children have to be escorted by some grown-up person on their way to and from the school.

At night the situation is different. They bark very loudly and hence it is impossible for the people to enjoy sound sleep. When a Tonga passes along the street a dog rushes and barks at it because it has been disturbed. The other dogs follow suit. One after the other they begin to gather. They become successively wild and noisy. They bark, jump and behave in a very rash and ridiculous manner. This state of affairs continues intermittently till early hours of the morning. One can very well imagine the miserable plight of those who are sick and want some rest those who have to study at night, those who go to the cinema show and particularly those early risers who go to mosque for morning prayers. Such people are always unsafe. Very often it so happens that a person starts early for a morning walk to the canal, but, unfortunately enough, reaches the surgical ward of the hospital for medical treatment after being bitten by a furious dog.

Apart from their grinning, groaning, crying and other harassing sounds they offer a very dirty' scene. They are extremely filthy. I have seen certain dogs suffering from eczema and other diseases which they naturally spread in the street.(9essay.com) The other dogs in the street, the cows the buffaloes and even the human beings are affected by such diseases. Moreover, a dog with skin disease puts up an ugly and obscene show. They are responsible for the entire unhygienic atmosphere prevailing in my street.

Then there is the most horrible aspect of these stray dogs. Sometimes a dog goes mad. One cannot imagine the panic that it is likely to spread. The fear remains in the mind for a long time even after the death of that mad dog. Last year a man was bitten by a mad dog. The poor fellow was admitted to the hospital. The doctors left no stone unturned to save his life but to no effect. He died a very painful and miserable death. For weeks together after this accident the people could not have the courage to move out of doors in the evening.

Lastly, I would like to mention the most gruesome state of affairs. That is the lethargy of our town committee. The events of dog bite, the accidents of mad dogs, the representations of the public and the advice of the Public Health Department all fall flat upon its members. When in the days of election campaign, the members come for votes; they promise that all dogs would disappear if they are elected. But when they are elected they forget everything and do not even pass by our street. The panic-stricken people are today waiting for the next elections when the new candidates will make fresh promises which they are likely to forget soon after the elections. Meanwhile, let the dogs increase in number as usual but 'hope is the stuff of life.

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