A Mosque

English Essay on "A Mosque"

Mosque is a place of worship for all the people. It is a very important building in the town or city, It is the centre of attraction for all. It stands for the embodiment the religious ten our of the people, and hence on such buildings neither money nor attention is spared to make them grand and noble. On auspicious days such places are thronged with people. Special prayers are offered on these days, or the people in gala dress gather together to offer players in a body.

As these places are very special they ought to be very carefully looked after. These places besides ministering to the religious needs of the people, also serve as a common meeting ground, and conduce to social and national solidarity. It is very essential that in mosques a clam an serene atmosphere should prevail, because it is only in such conditions that the true religious sprit can engendered. Mosques should be neat, clean and comfortable, where one may be able to hold communion with God undisturbed.

It is a pity that in Pakistan most of our mosques are far from being what they ought to be. Men in charge who should be models of piety and religious zeal are in most cases corrupt, and cases are on record, in which their diabolical deeds make one’s hair stand on end. These devils in human from ought not to be kept in such places at all: and very carefully supervisions on the part of the public is necessary to ensure the purity of such sacked places. The income and expenditure and management of these places should be entirely under public control Some Mosques are richly endowed, and the income’ is wasted in satisfying the low tastes of Maulvis and followers. Everyone should be aware of these persons and take care that Mosques funds be used for charity purposes.

Mosques are made for the prayer and when the large number of people gathered together at the time of prayer, they presents a very picturesque and spiritual scene. In Mosques great care is taken to make the place impressive and comfortable. Art is employed in such places in the service of religion, and this is the real function of art. From the religious places, you can judge of the aesthetic and artistic tastes of the people. There mosques must be kept clean and beautiful.

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