Compulsory Military Training in College

English Essay on "Compulsory Military Training in College"

With the help of proper type of education it is possible to mould the character of the people according to the demands of the society. That is why education is given primary importance, whatever the form of the government may he. Stalin in Russia. Mao in China and Hitler in Germany made use of education for cultivating particular outlook. In order to make a country strong from the military point of view it is generally thought that the students at the college should be given compulsory military training so that they may be useful to the country at the time of need.

No country can afford to maintain a huge army because it involves heavy expenditures. That is why there is a tendency on the part of different government to keep a reserve force, quite familial with the war hut not regularly paid by the slate. If the college buys and girls are given military training they can help in defending the country if such an emergency arises. Otherwise also it is necessary for the people to have training in the use of arms because they can he of great help in fighting the anti-social clement.

By imparting military training we will be able to enforce discipline in the colleges and the schools. Now a days, the purpose of education is frustrated because of the indiscipline among the students. It is possible to foster discipline because by imparting military training we will be observing military discipline. Disciplined students will be able to pay more attention to their studies than to the activities which do not help the nation.

Military training will indirectly make the students patriotic in their outlook. While taking training they start thinking of the defence of their country so they feel more and more attached to their own nation. Some may think that patriotic feeling can he developed even by imparting proper type of education but this is a mistaken view because till the person develops the feeling himself it is not possible to impose that feeling Upon him.

Some people think that military education will make them warlike in-their thinking. A trained person is more concerned with the use of arms than the one who never got training, it is feared that the warlike tendencies among the People will be a greater danger to peace and prosperity of the nation. This is also Pakistan’s view. Training in handling arms gives confidence and it does not make the persons warlike. Those who indulge in-this type of thinking forget that training is for teaching them skill to handle arms and not for making them warlike. They fear the armed rebellion, but it can be checked by making them patriotic in their outlook.

The government has not taken any set in this direction. NCC training is also national and it is not imparted in a proper manner. The camps which are organised by the universities and colleges are more for the sake of publicity than anything else. More over the services of the trained people are not utilised at any stage of their life. In some of the universities science is one of the subjects. But that too is more or less theoretical. Pakistan may have to face India at any time but at the same time she cannot afford to maintain a huge army, so the only alternative is to maintain reserve force by training the young people in the country.

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