Technical Education

English Essay on "Technical Education"

Modem civilisation is dominated by science and scientific development. As a result of it speciaIisation in certain branches and industrialiation have become the most important aspects of scientific devlopment. it is because of this reason that technical education has been so much in demand. In the earlier days education was meant for the intellectual development of man and in some cases for spiritual cultivation. The main purpose of education was to discipline our emotions and discipline our thinking, and by doing so it made us tit for a proper type of social life. With the passing of tune education became broader in its embrace and more significant in organising the society. A number of politicians made use of education for propagating their ideologies. For example, in Russia and China of yesterday some of the sayings of individuals were taught, in the schools and colleges. The young minds were stuffed with certain thoughts which suited their purpose. But nowadays education is becoming more and more job-oriented. That is why technical education is assuming greater importance.

Technical education makes us skilled so that we may be able to handle the machines properly. As has already been pointed out technical education makes us specialists in certain domains of life. There are a large number of jobs which cannot be properly performed till technical knowledge is acquired.

In a developing country like Pakistan technical education is very important. It is not possible to make industry the important basis of economy, as we have envisaged, without making arrangement for technical education. That is why a larger number of Technical Institutes and other engineering colleges cater to this type of education. In this respect one thing should be kept in mind that arrangements for absorbing technical men be made. Moreover industries should be set up even’ year. But this process cannot go on for all times to come. At one or the other stage they will have to reduce the number of those who get technical education so that there may not be unemployment among the technical people. It is generally said that technical men can never remain unemployed because they will have their own industries but it is true in theory only hi practice it needs a good market to sell the finished goods. It is not possible to provide these two things to all the technical men.

In one of the essays entitled “Useless knowledge” Russel tells us that technical education makes the people inhuman and purely objective. They look at the problem purely from the technical point of view and their thinking becomes cold and calculating. This is possibly one of the defects of technical education. We should always try to have a larger outlook, comprehensive thinking and humanitarian approach. For all this there should be liberal education also.

Technical education makes human beings machines but when U” is tampered with liberal education it becomes more wholesome and beneficial. Liberal education not only makes us to cultivate our affections but also develops our thinking. Apart from it technical education should be a part of training after completing education and should not be an education in itself.

Technical training is more or less practical whereas education is somewhat different from learning the skill.

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