A Scene at the Railway Station

English Essay on "A Scene at the Railway Station"

The railway station is a very important place in every city. Here one can find people from all Sections of the society and all parts of the country. It definitely presents a highly colourful scene. The rich and the poor both can be seen in great hurry at the railway station. It is full of hustle and bustle. The big railway stations like Lahore and Karachi are full of great rush all the twenty four hours. People belonging to all castes, colours creeds and religions mingle freely on a railway station.

Last Sunday I went to the Wazirabad Junction Railway Station to see off my uncle who was going to. Karachi. We took a taxi and reached the station at 9.15 p.m. The Khyber Mail which goes to Karachi was to leave at 9.55 p.m. Therefore, we were well in time. Many taxies and scooter rickshaws were standing in systemic way outside the railway station. There were many traffic policemen to guide the incoming and outgoing vehicles. There was a great rush of passengers. Some were coming out as they had just arrived and were planning to go to their destinations, while others were hurrying to catch the train, as they were leaving the city for out station. We also met hundreds of coolies who were waiting for the passengers to carry their luggage to the compartments.

At the booking window also there was a great rush. All passengers were standing in long queues in front of the windows to purchase the railway tickets. Some policemen were also standing there to maintain order and keep an eye on anti-social elements like the pick-pockets and confidence tricksters. Many people were waiting outside the inquiry office to get certain information regarding the arrival and departure of trains. I hurriedly purchased a ticket for Karachi for my uncle and a platform ticker for myself. The coolie was carrying our luggage and reached Platform No. 12 from where the train was to leave.

As we tried to enter the gate a Railway Ticket Checker who was wearing a white uniform checked and punched our tickets. ‘There was a great crowd at the platforms. All passengers seemed to be in a hurry. There were so many stalls on the platforms. Some were selling light refreshments, while others sold latest magazines, newspapers, books etc. and some were selling fruit. The hawkers were also moving up and down the platforms selling their goods.

We went to a bookstall and my uncle purchased a few magazines to read during the night journey. There were so many magazines on the bookstall. On the platform we saw certain passengers waiting for their trains impatiently, while others were sitting on their luggage patiently. Some passengers were simply running about with anxious faces as they had not as yet got their reservations.

Some trains were waiting for the signals to move out of the platforms, while after every few minutes a train was steaming in. With passengers going and out of the station in their colourful dresses it looked as if it was a big fair. The trains which were leaving were fully packed and there was no room even for standing in the compartments.

There were many emotional scenes which one could see on the platforms. Some had come to see off their dear and near persons. Some had come to receive their relatives. When the train moved out of the platform one could sec many hands waving good bye to their friends and relatives.

Ultimately the Khyber Mail bound for Karachi also arrived on the platform. With great difficulty my uncle could get a seat. The train was fully packed, The passengers were pushing one another to enter the compartments first. There was a lot of noise, as everybody wanted to get into the compartment. Within a few minutes the train was fully packed. After sometime the guard whistled and also waved a green flag. Slowly the train started moving out and soon it picked up speed and was out of sight. The station now looked somewhat deserted. I came out, caught a bus and reached my home at 11 p.m.

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