A Scene in the Examination Hall

English Essay on "A Scene in the Examination Hall"

Just before the warning bell rings, the examination hail assumes a scene of activity and noise. Here and there a few may be seen devouring as much stuff as possible in the light of the latest suggestions. In short all the impulses of youthful mirth, love, adventure have fled and seriousness over-powers youthful humanity.

The ominous bell goes, the candidates enter the hail and take their respective seats. Blank answer books are distributed and examinees fill in the cover page. And then the question papers arc handed out. Suddenly comes a profound bull before a storm. Each examine grabs his paper and runs his eyes through it. The suspense is over; now comes the scene of action with pen and ink.

The scene during the progress of the examination becomes very interesting. Here and there faces light up with happy smiles. It is clear that the questions are within their knowledge.

Many look up at the ceiling or through the window at the sky, vague and puzzled, as thought trying to remember the things which they got by heart the night before. Some of them feel a dryness in their throats and feverishly call for water to drink. The smiling ones at once take to writing out the answers that they had so carefully prepared; others also follow their examples thought with less assurance And very soon and for a long time nothing is heard but the measured trade of the invigilator walking up and down the rows of seats.

This continues for an hour. or so, then the atmosphere somewhere relaxes. One calls for a glass of water, and the waterman has to be busy for a time. Sometimes there is a commotion in the hail when a student is caught red-handed with a piece of paper which he had kept concealed with him.

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