Science and Religious

English Essay on "Science and Religious"

Science is “systematic and formulated knowledge” and cannot shirk the responsibility of making a methodical study of God. And that is demonstrated by the existence of theology, the science of God. The method known as scientific method is based on observation experimentation and induction. Though in respect of God the second test is impossible, the first and the last procedures are easily adoptable. And the Quran gives explicit sanction to them when it says. “And of [us signs is the creation of heavens and the earth, and your variety of language and colour. Here in indeed are portent for men of knowledge.

“Those who heed and reflect” can know about the universe and about God, for his creation bears His stamp. And science is a systematic study of laws governing things and holding them together, it will ultimately lead to a knowledge of the law-giver. The science that is con-tented with a knowledge of the material world has not made proper induction and stand half-way. However, science is not likely to stand thus or ever; it has covered only a part of the way but will ultimate make further progress and: know about God.

But for a common man science is synonymous with its inventions, synonymous with electric lamp and Fan, telephone and telegraphy, guns, ships, radio, rocket, atom and hydrogen, bombs, sputniks pioneer and a host of like things. Science has by placing these things at man’s disposal, conferred unlimited power on him. He is no more a play-thing in the hands of nature and is puffed up-The power that science has given him can.oth be used and be abused,

Unlimited power has a tendency to degenerate into brutality and to let free the demon of disruption. A power intoxicated man does not care for higher values. Power just does not know any gratification. The quest for power on and make man brutal. It looses ugly forces that make the atmosphere charged with “sighs and groans and shrieks.” When power is hot tempered with love, mercy and justice, men’s lives expire before the flowers in their buds.

We know this power the power that science has endowed u with very intimately, it has given -us to global wars in the span of a quarter of a century and has caused inconceivable blood-shed, suffering and destruction. It keeps us in an ever-haunting apprehension of the third world var. The greed for more power that science has begot has made man’s life miserable in all respects.

But it is not so because science is bad, but because man has forgotten religion. He has jubilation at receiving new power from science. If there had not been a decay of religion, many miseries could have been averted. Religion in fact, is not invented by the powerful to keep the common humanity in eternal subjection rather it is the only means to check the evil forces that power generates.

Religion enjoins belief in all-powerful personal God entitled to obedience. It thus implies that there are a number of commands to inculcate obedience to them.

They are invaluable to maintain social order and balance. As the laws of nature hold together elements in nature, so these injunctions are invaluable for maintaining an orderly society. Man-made laws vary from country to country, and they can be set at defiance by those who are exceptionally powerful. Bear in mind that:

It is the Qur’an lays down for Millat and Man.

Constitutions safeguarding the rights of Peasant and Pan.

No man—made Law h( )W so hammered out neat.

World’s rich and poor could equally treat.

They are laws into themselves and can given rein to their power. But divine laws arc binding on all, and if the religious beliefs are firmly implanted in their hearts they are checked from within.

Religion teaches us to be loving and charitable and counteracts the evils of power So it is only religion that stares us in the face. Love and fear of God are capable of deterring the powerful nations from throwing the world into the abysmal depth of confusion, Now that science has made us extremely powerful, our need for religion has become more imperative than ever.

In fact both religion and science are necessary to human progress. Science gives us exact knowledge and add of our power. And to prevent us from an abuse of this knowledge and its resultant power we need the guidance or religion. It is only love of God than can make us over one another and fashion a happier world.

It is religion that teaches us to:—

Love the poor and the rich.

Love the friend and the foe.

Love the haughty and the high.

Love the humble and the low.

Love, and lead mankind-in-need.

We can heal the wounds of man by creating an ideal atmosphere by marrying science and religion. Instead of coming into conflict with each other, religion and science should co-operate and help each other. We live in an age of science and we cannot be allied upto to accept incredulous religious dogmas. The general impression that the spirit of science is opposed to religious is unfortunate and untrue. In fact, both can be of assistance to each other. There is no doubt that so to religious beliefs are such that science can have little effect on them. But in a more modest way science can be of some assistance to religion. For example, all religious teachings that God is known through created things. All things reflect in some way the reflection of God, they bear the imprint of their maker. Now science can help to learn more about them and thus learn more about God.

Science can also be of much assistance to religion in another way. All religions command to feed the hungry. to give drink to the thirsty and to clothe the naked, and it is obvious that science enables us to do this much more efficiently than our fore fathers could. Further more modem methods of communication, form printing and radio to films television enable religious principles to be preached to greater audience than could be reached before they were invented.

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