Wonders of Electricity

English Essay on "Wonders of Electricity"

The comforts of modem living cannot be thought of without electricity. Since its very invention in the last century, electricity has been put to use in several ways, and today we have practically become a slave to this invisible power. We lit our homes with electric lamps, work under electric fans, live in air-conditioned houses, travel in electric cars and electric trains, press electric bells to call our servants, use electric washing machines and enjoy T.V. and films all worked by electric power. Thus, in almost every field of modern living we depend on the house of electricity. The development of industry in the modem age is entirely a miracle of electricity. In every factory it is the electric current that turns the wheel. The country who can produce sufficient electricity for industrial and domestic USC can manage to progress speedily. The total industrial produce and commercial turn over of a country depends on the quantity of electric power available for her industry and transport.

Electricity has not only revolutionized our industry and commerce, it has also brought for us great facilities in the field of education and health. Treatment by X-rays and electrothropy would have been impossible without the help of electricity. Diagnosis and operations in many complicated diseases are done only with the help of electric power, and for almost all chemical preparations and medicines electricity is a must. Even in the field of education we find electricity very useful. Education through films, radio and tape-records has been possible only with the help of electricity.

In brief, electricity is a servant that serves us for 24 hours, both in the home as well as outside the home. It is a good servant only till the time you keep it under your thumb. But, as soon as your grip becomes loose, it becomes a cruel master. Thousands of people in every country die every year simply because of electric shocks. As soon as this giant is out of control it becomes extremely dangerous. Therefore, with all its blessings its risks should also be put in mind. On the whole, electricity is a very useful and important power. It has become a part and parcel of modern living. Its advantages are so numerous that people forget its dangers and very often become a prey to it. But that is a fault not with the electric power but with those who use it.

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