Atom for Peace

English Essay on "Atom for Peace"

The discovery of atomic energy has been one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the present century. The destruction caused by the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to a revulsion of feelings against the great scientific “discovery. Science, which had always been regarded as an instrument of human attainment and material progress, had degraded, herself in the eyes of the masses of the world. But this was an erroneous idea. They were unaware of its tremendous constructive potentials.

Later researches on the atom proved that mankind had discovered a power. Atomic energy promises to be the most powerful instrument in the future welfare of humanity.

In the early Nineteen Fifties the United States more or less enjoyed the monopoly of atomic knowledge, Other nations had as yet not caught up with her thought they were al feverishly working towards that end. Hence, if it was desired that atomic energy should be used for peaceful purposes, it was necessary that the United States should take the lead in offering assistance and co-operation in this beneficial project.

And so she did. President Eison However on December 8. 1953. limited the countries of the world to co-operate and assist in exploiting atomic energy for the benefit of mankind.

Following this announcement the United States once again, took the initiative in organising “Atom’s for Peace Exhibition in Geneva. I his exhibition was intended to bring to the knowledge of the world that harnessing atomic energy for human progress was not only an idle dream but could be made a reality with international good will and co-operations. Already, in the United States, atomic energy was being used with flattering result in agriculture industry’, power production and medicine.

Atomic energy has been used most successfully in agriculture. It has been found that plants and seed subjected to direct radiation, of atomic energy, give greater yield and better crops. Researches are also being made to prevent pests of the harmful bacteria which contaminate food for human consumption. In the field of medicine atomic energy promises to be of very great benefits to the suffering humanity. Radio-isotopes of iodine arc being used to locate brain tumour and of Phosphorus to measure the quantity of red blood cells. Atomic radiation i also in valuable help in treating cancer.

Industry is also, not far behind in utilising this great source of power for better and greater production. In the United States a larger number of big and small firms are harnessing atomic energy for securing cheaper production. Radio-isotopes are being used in the process of metal working, mineral processing, machine designs, glass making, textile manufacture, plastic and paper processing, electrical equipment, rubber and cement. In great. Britain atomic energy is being used for producing electric power. The atomic plant at Harwell is the first of its kind for this purpose. It has been discovered that power produced by harnessing atomic energy is cheaper than other fuels. As a result it is expected that atomic, fuel will soon replace coal and oil and would be used for propelling ships, trains and aircrafts and for providing electricity.

As an indication of her desire to use atomic energy for peaceful pin-poses the United States has offered to share her atomic knowledge and resources with other countries. Shipment of radio-isotopes have been sent to industrialist plants, research centres and hospitals in a number of countries.

The Atomic Energy Commission in Pakistan is the recipient of large assistance from the United States for training and research in peaceful uses of this tremendous source of energy an(l power. She has also offered assistance in setting up two Atomic Reactor in Asia.

It is not correct to say that scientific inventions retard peaceful progress and lead humanity towards destruction. Nothing is bad in itself. It is how a thing is used that determines its usefulness, or uselessness.

When atomic energy was used to explode bombs and cause destruction, it was universally condemned. Now that it promises to hold with in itself great potentialities for human welfare, it have come to be universally appreciated. May the minds of men always use this hitherto unknown source of power for the betterment of mankind, progress of the world and prosperity for humanity.

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