Social Services and its Various Forms

English Essay on "Social Services and its Various Forms"

All of us are members of human society. We depend on others for our existence. This dependence on others is felt at every hour of our life. Every one of us, therefore, has to give something in return for want others give us. This means that every one of us has to serve other members of society.

Society is too much large for a single man to serve at a time adequately. The task is beyond his capacity. As how every one find division of labour in nature, in the same way there can be division of labour in society. A man can serve his society in the direction in which his inclinations lie. After all, social service is largely dictated by one’s interest. Ones service to society wild be sincere to the extent he is interested in the work taken in hand.

Men do not agree in their capacities and temperaments. To do the work that suits one’s temperament is the best way of giving full pay to one’s aptitudes. And this is not possible, unless one-serves one’s society in some form or the other. Most of us have to do very humble work in life. Some of us may be teachers. A teacher is often regarded as a negligible person; but the work he does, affects society as a whole more than any other mans work in other fields of life. He is responsible for molding the character of a large number of future men and women.

Men of parts may turn out writers and influence society through their writings. Professors, lecturers and preachers do the same kind of work in different ways. They serve society in their own way. liven the humblest scavenger is rendering service to society. Just imagine what would happen to all of us, if scavengers struck. All of us would suffer in health if he failed to do his work from day to-day. This shows that a scavenger is serving the human society in his own way. However humble his rule may be, his services are not contemptible.

You may be a member of a municipality. As a member, you will try to do your best to serve your constituence to trie best of your ability. If you can help the municipality in other ways, you will willingly-give a helping hand to it so as to promote the greatest of the greatest number. Here then we have anher form of social service.

In short society is a big clockwork, in which every one has to do his allotted work. A dock will not-work, if the tiniest wheel in its mechanism refused to do its work; The whole dock works, because every little part is doing its work. Therefore every one must do his allotted work in the best way.

A better analogy than- the foregoing might be given. Human society is better than a clockwork. We may call it an organism, because it is a living thing. An organism would die, if its other constituents refused to do their work.

We generally talk of the importance of so and so’s work. His work would not be important, if other did not do their work. After all, when we examine the question of social service, the importance of anybody’s work is a question of degree. Service is the end, but the forms in which is it rendered may vary.

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