English Essay on "Discipline"

Throughout history, discipline has been associated with the military, as if other professions can do without it. The truth is, even one needs discipline in one form or another in order to earn’ on life’s various challenges. We could agree, however that perhaps certain professionals like those in the military, the fire service and] other high risk jobs need it more than others. Basically, discipline, ill seen in one way, is the carrying out of something — like an order or a task by sticking to it despite even threats to life and limb. Actually the word has the same root as disciple and is sometimes defined to mean the art of being disciples.

The art of discipline is-taught in occupations where implicit and immediate obedience to orders is important. Hence we have high levels of discipline in the armed forces, in ships and in the fire service. In the fire sendee for example, it is imperative that the firemen carry on fighting the fire without fleeing from the discomfort and heat. Most often it is only the chief fire fighting officers who know the situation and what everyone else is doing. Hence everyone works as a team and throws himself into the task, leaving all judgments to the leaders. Coordination and trust in each other and the leaders have to be perfect. Each man has to do exactly as he is told, without question — even at the risk of his life - that is true discipline.

In the army where commanders are the only ones who can see the whole picture the same thing happens. Often the commander has to make decisions knowing that his men, and perhaps he too, are going on a no-return mission. Yet the .discipline of the profession and the intense training that they had gone through, makes them charge to their deaths - in fulfillment of their missions.

In spite of such gory examples of discipline, the fact remains that discipline is indicative of a strong character. If keenly cultivated as part of oneself, discipline can take one to truly great heights in life. It is discipline which makes a student study when he would rather be doing a hundred other things; it is discipline which makes a writer forego sleep and write thousands of words to meet a deadline and it is discipline that keeps us all working towards our goals instead of being distracted b easier options. Discipline is what makes the difference between successful life and mere following along without an aim and being at the mercy of circumstance.

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