English Essay on "Patriotism"

Patriotism. which means literally the love of the mother, is a noble sentiment and a national virtue; and the man who lacks it has indeed, as Sir Walter Scott says, “a dead soul.”

Breathes there the man with soul so dead.
Who never to himself health said!
This is my own my native land!”

But the word has been so misused to cover the most selfish aims and narrow passions that D.r. Samuel Johnson said in disgust, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel “. We must therefore distinguish between true patriotism and the spurious article.

False patriotism is an enlarged selfishness and a narrowed nationalism. Patriots of this kind support their country simply because it is to their own private interest to do so: and they do so blindly. Their motto is, “My country, right or wrong”; that is, whatever foreign policy our nation adopts whether just or unjust, we must support it, without criticism, simply because it is the policy of our country. Such spurious patriots are narrow nationalists, and teach that we cannot love our Country without despising and hating all other nations, which is always crying out for war with other nations on the slightest pretext. Their motto is. “Might is right”.

sins, denounce its abuses, and, if he thinks it necessary, to criticize its policy. He is more anxious that his nation should be right rather than that it should be powerful. While he loves his country. The loves other nations too and gladly recognizes their virtues and achievements. He would therefore cultivate international friendship, and hate and oppose wars. But if war breaks out, he is the first to fight for his land, anti willingly sacrifice his life even in its defence. Such patriotism is one of the noblest virtues.

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