Beauty of Nature

English Essay on "Beauty of Nature"

We live among the beauties of nature and beauties of nature live in us. All around can be seen the mysteries of nature. Both the animate and the inanimate objects of nature offer new scenes like a film on the screen. The sunrise is one of the most glorious scenes of natures. You can feast your eyes on the rising sun. The world is at its best in the morning. All flowers, trees, bushes look beautiful in the soft light of the dawn. The birds sing. The animals frisk about. Only the early riser can see the best scene of nature.

As the sun goes up the whole world becomes golden. At noon it is an ocean of sparking gold which overflows the houses and fields. The entire landscape glistens and dazzles the eye. The sunset has its peculiar chann when the sky looks like a vast sheet of burning fire. Nightfall offers new beauties and new tunes. At night nature puts on a black gown like a lady at home. The black gannent glitters with the diamonds of the stars. I he moon is the biggest diamond. The voices in the night have a supernatural enchantment. The whole atmosphere is soothing and the clam and peace of the night make people poet and philosopher.

As the scene changes many times during a single day so it change during the year. Spring is the best part of the year. Flowers of different colours are in bloom and give out a rare scent. The birds sing happily on the trees. Spring is followed by summer which gives new meaning to life. Then there come the monsoons which wash out everything in nature and give it a new greenness and new glamour. Then there comes the autumn when, leaves fall down and the trees become bald like the old people. Then comes the winter when in the cold countries the whole nature wears one vast mantle of ice and snow. The cycle of seasons goes on repeating itself so that the beauties of nature never become monotonous.

Similarly the mountain and these a offer beauties which we do not meet with no the plains. The high snow-capped mountains, the tall trees and deep gorges with torrents flowing through them offer an enchanting scenery. The waves of the sea striking against the shores with the fury of an elephant show the silent power of nature, the clam sea offers to soothe our nerves. The sea-gulls come and they fly away reminding us of the transitory nature of human life.

Nature provides horrible pictures in the form of floods, the bursting volcanoes, and the falling ice bergs. One can find the beauties of nature wherever he goes. Nature is always young, always new, always inspiring. The striking thing is that sometimes it is red ill tooth and claw, and sometimes it is as calm and serene as the voice of our soul.

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