Should Women Receive Military Training

English Essay on "Should Women Receive Military Training"

Every one knows that women are equal to men in strength and intelligence. It follows, therefore, that women can gel training for any profession which men can-select. Women are found fit for any kind of work. Thus women work in mills, factories and mines, they become fitters, engineers, air-hostesses and pilots. They also join the ranks of home-guards and police force. In both these vocations women have to work hard and have to risk their lives. Military training is one step further and women should take such training.

Modern wars require millions of soldiers. Hence if women take military training, enough soldiers will be available and there will be no need of conscription, Even if we do not send women on the battlefield we can keep them to guard the frontiers of our country in times of war. When women take up this responsibility, more male soldiers can be sent on the battlefront. Thus women soldiers will be extremely useful to the country in times of emergency.

Some person say that the fair sex is timid by nature and that even if women take military training they will miserably Fail on the battlefield. But history furnishes many examples for the valour of women warriors, Razia Chand Bibi, Joan of Arc, Tarabai Rani of hansi have become immortal for their fiery zeal and valour on the battle-field. In the last world war Russian women took an active part and saved their country from the German invasion. Only recently women of Azad Kashmir rendered meritorious services to their motherland by joining armed forces.

Even from the point of civil life, women should take military training. After receiving military training, women will be equal to men in all respects. Hence there will be ho inferiority complex in women. Again military training will make women fearless and brave. In dines of riots, air attacks etc.. such women will behave in an orderly manner and will stop chaos. Moreover the children of women who have received military training will be brave and disciplined.

There are some who disfavour military training of women. Women can take military training no doubt, but they cannot take part in strenuous and risky military operations. They also argue that women have to manage their homes and have to look after their children. They cannot ignore these important duties and go to the battle front. This argument is proper no doubt, but it does not apply to unmarried women, who can safely join the army. Some say that military training will change the temper of women and they will become unfit as wives and mothers.

Circumstances are fast changing. Future wars will be more disastrous than the past wars. Therefore women will have to shoulder some of the responsibilities of men in dine of war. Obviously then women should take military training.

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