The Problem of World Peace and How to Solve it

English Essay on "The Problem of World Peace and How to Solve it"

The present world is passing through an era of unparalleled technological and scientific advancement bringing with it progress and prosperity. Nevertheless one cannot be blind to the fact that we are living in a fear filled world. Individuals as well as nations live in prepetual fear of mass annihiliation as a result of destructive wars.

The world has already passed through two world wars and with them the terrible experience of blood and tears, wider and deeper than mankind had ever encountered before. It has lived through indescribable atrocities so that the recollection of their horrors remains stamped in the memory of people as well as nations. Still it is astonishing and perplexing to watch the nations of the world iii a mad race to stock their armories with all types of destructive weapons. Unquestionably the progress of scientific and technological inventions which have heralded the realisation of greater well-being for all mankind, has been employed instead to Often I buy birds not for keeping but freeing them. It is my hobby to give them joy and freedom this is very expensive. It is not always possible to enjoy it. It requires a lot of money. Even a treasure may not be a enough.

It is also perhaps of doubtful utility from the point of view of the birds. They may got caught soon after I give them freedom. Back they come to the market for resale. But .I feel happy at giving them their natural freedom even though for a few days or even a few hours.

Some weeks back I saw a pair of nightingales in a pet-dealer’s cage. They were eyeing the outside world wistfully. The had forgotten their gift of music and song. I bought them. Next day at sunrise I gave them their freedom. The Hew off and settled on the branch of a mango tree. They were happy because I could catch a tune of their song. They seemed to be saying. “Thanking you, Rosie! Thank you, Rosie!”

I had put a little n thread round their legs for identification. Often I found them back on our mulbery tree or up in the puppitta plant or down in the pomegranate grove. They became my pets even though 1 put them in no cage. They were, fond of singing and swinging round my house.

These nightingales soon became my great favorites. It was a strange experience. One day they sat very close to me and did not try to escape when I caught them all of a sudden. I fed them and them brought a big cage to keep them safe from the cat or the dog in ray house. The pair was happy and always singing. It was because of their songs that I liked them more than any other bird.

These birds had given a meaning to the philosophy of love. They had grown as much fond of me As I was of them. Perhaps they proved the truth in an old saying; “Through love and kindness we, can tame even the wildest on the earth.”

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