English Essay on "Democracy"

There was a time when King and Maharajas were absolute rulers and their words were law. Those days are gone now. Now there are no such kings, treating people like dumb driven cattle! Even if we do have kings now, they are not all powerful. They have their parliaments and they must consult their parliaments. These parliaments consist of the representatives, elected by the people. This is called democracy. As it is usually described, for the people and by the people.

It is clear that in Democracy people elect their representative. Now in elections all sorts of people may stand as candidates. If people are ignorant they will not be able to make the right use of their votes. The result would be that the power of government would fall into hands of the wrong type of people. They would misuse their power and lead the country in ruin. Education therefore is a necessary condition for the success of democracy. Democracy means the rule of the majority and if the majority of the population of the country is poor, ignorant and uninterested in matters of government, one cannot expect democracy.

In a democratic state, a citizen enjoys greater freedom than any other kind of government. All, people are equal in democracy and they all enjoy equal rights. It is the people’s government and therefore the rights of the people are protected. In a Democratic state there is a constant check on the government and so those who are in power cannot do any thing against the wishes of the people. In a Democratic state people have freedom of thoughts and expression.

Democratic form of government is the best form of government.

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