Dignity of Labour

English Essay on "Dignity of Labour"

There are many people who are ashamed of doing their own work. For instance, if a man has to carry even a small handbag he would require a coolie at the railway station. These people feel that below there dignity to carry any such thing. There is no shame in doing your own work and no kind of labour is tin-dignified. As a matter of matter of fact, labor has a dignity of its own.

In all advanced countries, people are proud of doing their own work. In fact, it is a hobby of many people to do some labour for themselves. For instance, a man who is a poet or writer or some officer who has only to do brain work, may willingly do some labour in his own house. He may do his own gardening, digging, pruning, and cutting grass and so on. He may paint his own house, repair articles of furniture in his house and do number of other things for himself. He will do this, not because he is poor, not because he cannot afford to get the services of gardener or a carpenter but because he likes to do the things for himself.

Unfortunately in our country there is many people who would be ashamed to do any manual work because they feel since they are educated it is below their dignity to do such labor. They do not realize that labor is a honourable thing and not some thing to be ashamed of.

All great religious of the world have emphasized the dignity of labour. Most of the greatest religious leaders used to do their work with their own hands. They were never ashamed of labour. They considered the poorest labourers as their friends. Many great kings of old times were ashamed of their lives of luxury and forced certain kinds of labour on themselves.

We must remember that if those people whom we call labourers refuse to work for a while, our civilization, would come to a stand still. If coolies, washer men, carpenters labourers in mine and factories and hundred of others did not work, our lives would be impossible. They earn their bread by sweat of their brow and that is the dignity of the worker. Even animals have to work hard to get their meals.

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