Importance of Roads

English Essay on "Importance of Roads"

Roads are very important in man’s life because without roads we cannot go from one place to another place. We move on roads. We can go through roads wherever we wish; If there were no roads, life would become paralysed and we cannot go from one place to another, that is why roads are so important in man’s life.

No country can make progress without better roads. The countries which have goods roads, make progress in a short time. Roads must be metalled?

There is no doubt roads are the backbone in the development (progress) of a country. It will not be wrong to say that-economy of a country also moves on the roads. Better roads in the country means better economy of a country. Better economy of a country means better standard of living of its masses. The result is development. It means the development of the roads is the inducement (development) of the country.

We transport by roads. In our daily life, we see that buses are going from one place to another by roads. Roads are the source for the connection of one city to another city. If we wish to move to another place, we set out by roads.

It is the source for the communication of goods. Roads are the cheaper way to communicate goods. It is no doubt roads are bulky (big) sources for the communication (importation) of goods from one place to another.

Good roads save the time. Most of time is wasted to move from one place to another due to unmetalled roads. In the past travel to one kilometer takes one hour and now it takes only ten minutes. It is only due to the metalled roads. It has become practicable (possible) to visit one city for many times in a day. It is only feasible due to roads. Now, we can vanish in a short time due to improvement (betterment of roads.

Goods roads also save the life. If there were suitable (good complete) roads, the chances of accident will-be rare. It means better roads save us from accidents and save our lives.

In short, a man cannot fulfill his requirements without roads. Roads have become the part and parcel for the man’s life motorway. Motorway has been constructed from Islamabad to Lahore. It has six lanes. We can trade through central Asia on this Motorway. We can represent it as a international road. It will take Pakistan to the of progress way.

Motorway can be used for the transportation and travelling. It provides us with more safe, plain and comfortable way as compare to the other ways. On this way, chances of accidents will be rare it provides us easy quick journey. This way saves our lives from accidents. This way save our time. The reason is this, it is even. All the restrictions have been- removed from this way and there was a restriction, over bridge has been constructed where we need. Motorway is a source of revenue. The reason is this, it will become a source for trading from central Asia to north Asia and other centuries through this way and that is way, it will become a source of revenue for Pakistan. The Govt. can collect tax on this road. It is also possible that the Govt. many give it on lease and get a lot of revenue.

These areas which were very near to the motorway have a chance to develop because it is seen that these areas which were near to the roads are advanced compare to other areas. The reason is this they have better chance for transportation of goods and everything what they want. Motorway developed a lot areas. Now they also have a source of transportation..

The chances of industry will be increased. If chances of industry increased, opportunities of jobs will also be increased motorway provides us a better transportation and we can journey easily due to this. Because of motorway, the Govt. can spread a network of industry. People can get more job opportunities. It would cause industrial development. Motorway is a gateway to the progress of Pakistan. It-will not be wrong to say that Pakistan will make progress’-by leaps- and bounds. Now we are going to enter 21st century. It is very impotent for every country that she should make some plans for her development and enter into the new century with pride. Our motorway is also a part of our development. We want to get on the road of progress and prosperity..

In short, the motorway has a lot of positive aspects. It is the backbone of our country. It will prove with the passage of time that the role which it has played was very vital. No country can make progress until! the condition of her roads is better..

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