Pakistan 2010 Planning & Objective

English Essay on "Pakistan 2010 Planning & Objective"

Different governments make different plans. Earlier the government Introduced five years plan but on its contrary the present government has introduced a very long term plan programme. The programme may take Pakistan towards progress. If this plan is put into practice sincerely and honestly, one is bound to make progress.

Short term plans are not that useful as long term plans ones. There are many uses of long term plan. In this way, the government gets sufficient time to complete its projects and put the country on track of prosperity.

Progress and development is the result of a long term plan. A big job cannot be done in a short time. Everything takes time. 2010 is a long term plan. It will help the government to promote industry and agriculture. Government is also paying special attention to education. Literacy rate can also be improved under the same plan.

2010 program would bring stability: in the country. A country cannot be stable and strong until there is a stable government and stable planning. At present the economy of the country is unstable. The government is also unstable. Democracy is unstable. Business is unstable. This situation can be changed only through long ten planning.

Through one term planning the country would get self-reliance. In the field of industry, agriculture, and trade, we would make progress. The development in different fields would lead us towards self-reliance. Now we have to depend on imports but by 2010 we- would be able to produce most of the things here.

Short-term projects are usually discontinued by the new Government. Wherever there is change of Govt. There is also change of projects but in case of long term plan, there is always continuity of projects. The new Govt. also works on the same project.

Long and short, 2010 programme is for the betterment and progress of the country. It is hoped that the country would run on the line of prosperity. The country as well as people would achieve success. This programme would cause great progress in one life.

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