Prevention is better than Cure

English Essay on "Prevention is better than Cure"

It is always better to look after one’s health and avoid illness than to fall in and take treatment for it afterwards. Similarly it is better to look after one’s money and not to waste it than to become poor and be in need of money. So we say the prevention is better than cure.

In every walk of life we see that this proverb holds good. When there is an epidemic it is always advisable to take precautions against it so that we may not catch it. It would be foolish to neglect laws of hygiene and invite illness, fall ill and then to take medicines to cure ourselves. It is equally true that prevention is better then cure in respect of bad habits, like gambling, drinking and smoking. It is easy to form any habit but hard to give it up, once it is formed. A person starts drinking and smoking heavily and then falls ill. He is advised to give it up for the sake of his health. He may succeed in giving it up but he has ruined his health already. It would be better not to fall in that habit at all.

So in various phases of life we find that it is better to prevent unpleasant things before hand than to suffer when they do come. What is the use of “Locking the stable-door when the horse is stolen”.

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