The Value of Prayer

English Essay on "The Value of Prayer"

“Moe things are wrought by prayers than this world dream of”

These are the famous words of a famous English poet Lord Tennyson. Indeed it is found many times that when all human resources fail, prayers help us.

Let us suppose a man is in great trouble, he starts praying. Now, his prayers may not make the troubles vanish into the air as if by magic but he will certainly get extra strength to fight these difficulties and he will probably come out successful. The moral strength, which he gained from the prayers, is the great blessing of prayers.

Some people, nowadays, look light by upon prayers. Regular prayers offered at fix times are an excellent method of teaching discipline. Prayers, offered in congregation like the namaz on Fridays, teach fellow. Feeling and the ideal equality of men before God. There are valuable lessons for life. When people go to attend mass prayers, they feel that all men are equal before God and that it is their duty to help their fellow human being in their needs.

That is so far as mass prayers are concerned but even prayers offered individually in the seclusion of the house helps us in the same way, A person who bows down in prayer before the almighty must learn to stand before his God again for his prayers and so he will be afraid of doing anything wrong in his day to day activities of life.

The greatest good of the prayers is the supreme feeling of peace that one gets after offering one’s prayer. God is forgiving, and forgiveness is divine virtue. Faith in God develops faith in one’s own self and enables us to live in the world better than we could do without such faith.

“To err human no doubt, but to forgive is divine”

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