True Sportsman Ship

English Essay on "True Sportsman Ship"

For a sportsman it is not enough that he should be a great player at any particular game. It is also necessary to have a true sportsman’s ship, and a true sportsman’s spirit consist in playing the game fairly and honestly, obeying the rules of the game and taking defeat with a smile.

A true sportsman plays the game for the game’s sake. Winning or losing a game means nothing to him, it is only the effort behind the game that counts for him. A true sportsman plays, not for his personal glory, but for the sake of the team .He makes his best effort to bring victory for his team and defeat the opponents. He tries to win but he will never try to coin by using unfair means. I his is the true spirit of sportsman.

A true sportsman has the respect for the law. He respects his captain and submits without question to his orders even if it means doing something unpleasant to himself. He learns to respect the decision of the umpire without 1ucstions. A player who possesses a true sportsman’s spirit does not become proud when he wins and does not show ill- temper when lie loses. He takes both victory and defeat with a smiling face.

Sportsman’s spirit is great value and importance in day-to-day life of an individual. Respect for law, honesty and fairness in all our dealings, obedience to those in authority and the readiness to take defeat and victory both with a smile, arc valuable lessons that sportsmanship teaches.

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