A Visit to a Historical Place

English Essay on "A Visit to a Historical Place"

It is great experience to Visit a place of historical interest and to look and wonder at the monuments of the past. Few days ago my friends and I, Irfan and tehmasip arranged a programmed to visit the historical place. Moen-jo-Daro. Moen-jo-daro is at a distance of seventeen kilometers from larkana on the right bank of the river Indus. Moen-jo-daro means “Mound of the Dead”. It was discovered in 1942, by Sir John Marshall. The civilization, which flourished some five hundred years ago. Moen-jo-daro is the one of the oldest cities in the world.

We had made the programme in proper way. On Sunday, after arranging the lunch, and other items of enjoyment, we started our journey in our own conveyance. It took about three hours to reach there. We three were quite happy and the journey was quiet joyous

First of all, we put our luggage in the rest house, and after taking some rest, we went to the museum. We saw there seals, jewellery, toys, weapons, painted pottery and metal statues. The best find of Moen-jo-daro was the head of a bull, which had been used as a seal. Things of old age, which had been discovered from the ruins of Moen-jo-daro were at display in glass shelves. Their age period was suggested along with a brief history of each article. From these ancient objects we may understand there made of civilization. These historical remains reveal their backwardness, which was due to the scarcity of resources and Jack of vast knowledge.

We observed these articles of the ancient age with profound interest. After looking at these objects we moved beside the museum. Behind the building of the museum there is a vast barren hilly area. There are the traces of an old mosque, which was founded by Muhammad Bin Qasim, a Muslim conqueror, about eight hundred years ago. Later on we had our lunch. We enjoyed the visit very much that was delightful as well as full of historical knowledge.

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