Adult Education

English Essay on "Adult Education"

Illiteracy- being unable to read or write is a curse. To remain ignorant is a great unfortunate. For every Muslim, man or woman, acquiring knowledge, is a duty. However there are many people in our country who are not only uneducated but also illiterate. It is not enough that children should be educated but those grown ups, who have unfortunately remained illiterate should, therefore, established everywhere.

Adult education is very essential for the progress of every country. In countries like ours where only about five percent of the People are educated, adult education is all the more essential. If the parents are educated, they will try to give education to their children too, because they will realize the value of education. Parents who are themselves uneducated will not care much care of their children education. Education for adult is as essential as for children. Children learn by perception where as adults improve their learning by following experiments in their practical life. If adult are educated they will be better qualified to face their problems of life.

An educated lady, for instance, will prove herself a better wife and mother then she was before. A grown up man after being educated will perhaps get a better job and earn more; he will learn to take keener interest in the welfare of his family; he will know how to employ his leisure in a useful way. If the adults are educated they must generate manners and civility in their attitude. They will guide the growing future generations. They arc supposed to be the pillars of he nations. Adult education is essential for the character building of a new generation. All these and many others are the benefits of Adult Education.

Adult education must be free in order to attract the people towards it. It is the responsibility of the government and the charitable trust in the private sector to start education programmes to educate adults who are devoid of it and cannot continue their education due to some undesirable circumstances. Men who work for the whole day to earn their livelihood or women, who slave for the whole day at home, cannot be expected to pay and be educated. It would therefore, be the duty of educated people to go to these centers, set up for these purposes, and teach the adult free and help towards the noble task of education among the uneducated people of their country.

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