Drug Addiction

English Essay on "Drug Addiction"

Drug is a substance used to poison or stupefy” Drug addiction is a kind of self-pollution; the common drugs used by the addicts are heroine, hashih cocaine and marijuana. Heroine is the worst killer. A drug-addicted person can’t follow virtuous pattern of life. This habit deviates him from the correct route. Drug addiction is the worst habit. Addiction of drugs wipes out their spiritual values and as such they are soulless. A pall cover their soul and they can’t keep themselves fit in the social sphere.

Drug mafia has become world wide evil. It has ruined thousands of families. Use of drugs calls in beast in man. it gives us a picture of suffering men, women, hungry children, ‘broken homes and disappointed parents. The use of drugs makes a person drowsy and detached emotionally and completely free from any anxiety. Its injection into the veins produces immediate effort of “rush” or “high”. It produces psychological and physical dependence on doses in larger and larger quantities and it becomes much expensive where as the addict becomes unfit to continue the job and becomes nearly crippled and good for nothing.

There are organized gangs of drugs traffickers all over the world. In Pakistan, more than five lacs drug addicts arc affected. The main markets of drugs are Afghanistan, Bharat, Pakistan, Burma and Thailand. Although many factories had been smashed by the government of Pakistan still the recovery rate is very slow. Heroine has become very popular among these poisonous substances in various parts of the world. Drug mafia is responsible for various crimes, killing, terrorism and smuggling. Drug addicts cannot perform their duties well. Moreover it is very difficult for them to get any suitable job. Thus unemployment moves them towards many types of crimes. Drugs addict should not be left uncured. They are, in fact, the part of our society. Proper and suitable treatment must be given to them in order to make them useful in their social life. It is the duty of all the government to take care of such drug addicts.

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