Public Libraries

English Essay on "Public Libraries"

Library is a place where all types of book, in large numbers, are collected and kept for reading and reference purposes. Books are great storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. They give food for the mind. Just as food good food is necessary for the mind so the mind requires “food” too and that we get from’ books. Libraries therefore are as necessary as eating.

Our college library is housed in a big hail of college building. It is the best place for study and concentration of mind. The environment of a library is very quite and peaceful. Our library contains three big rooms. One room is the Library Room. The other one is for the purpose of study, which is the biggest one, and the third room is used for newspapers, weeklies, periodicals and magazines. There are countless books arranged sections wise in different shelves.

Every one cannot afford to have a library of his own and even very wealthy people cannot purchase all kinds of books. Majority of the people have to depend upon Public Libraries and that too free. These libraries can help the spread of education. If there are free public libraries even the p’ people will be able to read books. They will not then waste their time in useless and harmful activities. Students can get these books from college or school libraries on producing library cards while other people can get their required books on showing their library cards from Public Libraries.

Good readings not only give the readers entertainment but it also gives an influence on the character of the readers. If suitable books are available for the children they will be interested in literature and they will form the habit of reading. It will give them good taste and add to their knowledge. The growing generation needs the best of education. Public, school or college libraries will help them in getting the necessary education. Libraries are the necessity of the people as well as for the young generation.

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