Science and Human Happiness

English Essay on "Science and Human Happiness"

All around us we see hundreds of things, which are the noble and valuable gifts of science. Science and technology has made valuable contribution to the enhancement of human efforts. Man has utilized his intellectual capability and by the grace of Almighty Allah, lie has achieved glittering success in all the faculties of life.

Our telephones, radio, aero planes, rockets, our electric cookers, our engines, motors and umpteen other things we use everyday. They all arc given to us by science. These are the blessings of science. However, this happiness is not unmixed with sorrow. Science has also given us terrible weapons of destruction.When we consider that science has given us Atom Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs, which can wipe out the entire nation iii no time, we begin to wonder whether science is going to prove to be a curse rather than a blessing. However, let us ask our selves if it is really the fault of science or scientists that these fearful weapons of war made. The scientists invented the aeroplane, which serves as the wings of man. However, the political used the airplane as a bomber to destroy thousands of people. Whose fault is it? Certainly, not of the scientists, science is not the enemy of mankind but its benefactor. It is the misuse of science, which has made it so fearful.

Science has, in fact contributed immensely to human happiness. In the faculty of medicine, wonders of science are doubtless. Nowadays, surgery is carried out by the action of rays. It does not need dissection process. DNA test of patient is helpful in finding out the disease of different types. Before the progress of modern medicine people suffered from so many kinds of fearful diseases. Modern methods of treatment and the wonderful drugs of modern age have reduced human sufferings greatly. The use of anesthetics have removed the pain and suffering and made it possible to perform serious surgical operation safely. We have discovered newer methods of protecting our selves from diseases. All these are the blessings if modern science.

Science has rendered great services in the field of communication and transport. Most of the traveling has also been made comfortable. Destinations have been very close to each other. Generation of electric energy is a marvelous service to mankind. The whole mechanization is based on electric power. Our radio, television and V.C.R are the gifts of electricity, which have added to our joys, amusements and entertainments. Science has indeed contributed immensely to human happiness. We must be thankful to science as well as the scientist.

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