Technical Education

English Essay on "Technical Education"

Technical Education means to do something in industrial or mechanical arts and become skillful or skilled person in particular science, art or any thing else in order to make use of technicalities. At the time of creation of Pakistan, there was only a diploma level teaching at various polytechnic institutes. But not the technical education is spreading far and wide. Out universities are sending out hundreds of young men and women every year with a high degree of education. Technical subjects such as Electrical technology, Plastic and Rubber technology are being introduced in technical colleges. Government is also taking keen interesting providing technical education to maximum of students in view of the scientific and technological advancement of modern times. If technical education is to be treated as a general education, the men or the women, may be better qualified for earning bread and butter in the world. In the past, technical education was not taken as an important subject. This is the main cause of slow progress. A country will remain poor ‘until a large number of its citizens are educated and skilled. For this purpose, technical education should be provided at large scale in our colleges and schools so that these will appreciate, the dignity of labour. Literacy education alone, sometimes, creates false ideas of self-respect and discourages manual work on the part of educated people. If together with literacy education, training is given on technical lines also, a student will be a better equipped, for life, besides being educated.

A technical education trains both head as well the mind. In technical schools or colleges, technical education is the key subject. Opportunities must be provided to the students to gain scientific knowledge. We should produce a large numbers of technicians and skilled workmen each year. Paying due regards to these needs the Provincial Government of Punjab has taken a lead by providing more facilities of technical education to the students. Training Centers have been established where the students will uses not only their heads but also their hands and these muscles, hands, heads, feet, eyes and brain they all receive a training in technical education and Physical are, developed together with mental powers. A technical education will give perfection to a young boy or girl’s general education.

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