The Book I Like the Most

English Essay on "The Book I Like the Most"

My never failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day

Books are indeed the friends of the friendless. Books are the best and politest friends. Books are thee real teachers of men. These provide knowledge, awareness and the manners of a civilized life. Good books always provide knowledge as well as it improves the intellect of persons. These enhance the potential qualities in men, students as well as women.

The book that I like most is our religious book, The Holy Quran. It is the most sacred book of the Muslims. It tells us what was the condition of Arabs before Islam and how the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) made them to lead a simple and good life. The Holy Quran, which has been bestowed upon human beings from the Almighty Allah, is for our guidance. The Holy Quran educates us virtuous mode of living and provides the solutions of each and every problems, which may arise in our practical life. It teaches us wisdom and knowledge. Its daily recitation provides spiritual contentment. It gives completes code of life and educates us.

The Holy Book of ALLAH is the real torchbearer for the muslims of the whole world as it guides us to follow the true pattern of life. It converse every phase of life. This book gives the massage of the reality of life so all as the

The grand dignity of the almighty Allah. It gives awareness of the process of account ability. It tells us our temporary stay in this world on earth and the factuality of heaven and all. A person who follows the massage of Quran, achieves fine success in this materialist World. It is a blessing of almighty Allah that he revealed this holly book on our holy prophet (peace be upon him) about 1400 years ago. We should act upon its teachings by heart because it shows a true straight and good path towards the internal life.

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