The City I Live In

English Essay on "The City I Live In"

Karachi is large city in Pakistan and life in Karachi is what we understand by life in a big city. It is the city of our beloved Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He was born and buried this city Karachi is in fact a city of problems people face great problems at every time. Shortage of transports, scarcity of water, inadequate supply of electricity and housing insufficiency are the main and serious problem of the Karachities. It is very unfortunate that even after flfty-seven years of out independence. We have not been able to overcome any of the aforementioned problems. About that we don’t get fresh vegetables and pure eatables, which has a very bed effect on our lives.

When I was child of six or seven, the city of Karachi then was really for peaceful. Clean and less crowded

Then it is now. It has been expended all around the proper city; we saw suburban localities sprouting without an end. Fashionable plazas and squares can be seen everywhere. Where were we go in Karachi we find huge crowds in market places, bus or mini bus stops and coach stands are always seen over crowded. Even in parks or the sea —shore we meet large crowds of people.

Life in big cities has its own comforts, which people living in small towns can never enjoy. However if on one side Karachi has a lot of problems, but on the other hand it blessed with many attractions. Here are excellent school and collages. We may find facilities in all branches of education i.e. medicine, engineering, technology etc. Medical facilities are also available in abundance. Thousands of doctors cure the diseases. Karachi also provides recreational facilities. There are so many worth—seeing places in Karachi. It is famous for its lofty buildings and most fashionable markets, it is an international airport as well as a big seaport .it is also the center of trade, education and industry. One who comes to visit Pakistan is sure to visit Karachi, the city of our beloved Quaid-e-Azam.

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