A Narrow Escape from An Accident

English Essay on "A Narrow Escape from An Accident"

Accident is common in the streets in big cities. Very after they result in serious injuries and some times even in death. However there are narrow escapes from death or injury even in serious in serious accidents. The other day, I saw just such an accident a mother and her small daughter were walking along the road and they had stopped at a shop where the mother was making some purchases .in the mean time the girl was watching the people around all of a sudden she sow a friend of hers on the opposite foot path she called out to her and their eyes met. They were both very eager to meet each other, and this little girl without informing her mother who saw in the shop, dashed along the road. She ran blindly and right in middle of the road she tripped over something and fall suddenly down.

Before she had time to get up, a big car come speeding to where she was lying. The driver of the car immediately jammed the brakes but he was right upon the little girl by then, every our who heard the screeching of the brakes run up to spot. However, the little girl was extremely lucky the car saw one with a very high chassis and there was much space between the chassis of the car and the ground.

Besides the girl was fortunately lying in such a position that the wheels had not touched her at all. She was already laying flat on the ground and so when the car comes upon her, she was not touched by any part of the car at all.

When the mother was informed, she was hysterical and it took her quite some time to understand that her daughter had escaped from death. It was indeed a very narrow escape -- a hair — breadth escape!

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