A Picnic to Sea Side

English Essay on "A Picnic to Sea Side"

A picnic with friends is something very enjoyable, whether it is to the woods or to the seaside or just to a pleasant suburb out-side the city. Last week I went with a few friends for a picnic to the seaside, our examinations were over, and therefore, in a very happy mood. We were a party of eight. It was decided that we would leave at about 8.00 A.M. the coach arrived by the expected time our journey stated at 8.30 A.M we had taken much eatables with us .one water cooler, two containers and a small size ice-box with the cold drinks we had taken. We also had with us play cards and some other things to play! Our coach stopped at one or two spots where we bought fruit and other things. The weather was fine with dark cloud and whole atmosphere was looked pleasant.

On reaching there we managed for a hut and put all the things in side the hut. After taking some rest we, then, had stroll on the seashore and then some of us got into their swimming dress and had a bath in the sea we were free here to do as we liked and we enjoyed our freedom. After ore swimming exercise we came back to the sea —shore and went into the hut by now we were getting tired and feeling hungry. So started our preparations for lunch and after the lunch we had fruit and cold drinks. After this we had a little nap. Waking up fresh we came out of the hut and took some snaps of the sights and scenes. Natural beauty looked amazing. Beauty of the beach is always charming that reveal the grandeur of the almighty Allah. Friends enjoyed each and every scene with merriment. After this some of us were good at music and they had enjoyed it some started playing cricket. After this enjoyment we moved towards the waves and started playing with sounding waves. The Waves were so lively that they had awakened our spirit with the passage of time. Every one of us was getting tired so we had tea and after this we decided to return home.

Some of the friends changed their wet-dresses and then kept the thigh back into the coach we returned home we had indeed, a really enjoyable picnic.

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