Building Castles in the Air

English Essay on "Building Castles in the Air"

We all dream at night but we sometimes dream when we are side awake. We have day dreams. Almost all of us have our day-dreams we dream of magnificent things. We can ever dream we posses Allah Dins magic lamp and work wonders .we build castle in air.

“Building castles in the air” is quite harmless occupation. We can indulge in this pleasant—activity of the mind free of charge. We can enjoy comforts and luxuries beyond our means and can be the happiest people in the world. A poor man can dream of being a millionaire and enjoy a life of luxury for some time. Specially boys and girls of school builds grand castles in the air. They have their dream of the future. Sometimes their dreams are reasonable and within the bounds of possibility, but sometimes they are most fantastic and impossible dreams too. Day dreams give great happiness to the young people.

Some time day-dreams can be harmful. Some people begin to live altogether in a world of dreams and lose interest in the actual world around them they neglect their duties, they forget their responsibilities and altogether become absent minded these are however extreme cases all who build castles in the air arc not like that .it can be a harmless fun and we can enjoy it.

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