Importance of Roads Rules

English Essay on "Importance of Roads Rules"

“Safety Fist” is a principal of universal importance. What ever we do we must bear in mind this principle. We must think of our own safety as well as that of everybody around us. Crossing a road is an activity in which we are engaged everyday of the week and several times a day. Carelessness here or there can result in death or serious injury. Still most people do hot care for any road rules.

The traffic in our country keeps to the left. It is important to bear in mind this fact. While crossing the road, therefore, we must remember to look first to the right and then to left. In the first place we should cross the roads only at the crossing marked on the road. There are white paralleled lines at intervals. As for as possible we must cross only between these lines. There are also traffic constables on duty at road crossing. Wait for his signal before you cross. Where there are footpaths, we must walk only on the footpaths. Where no footpaths arc to be found, walk to the extreme right near the verge of the road, away from traffic. Most of the Street accidents arc due the lack of road sense among the people.

The road rules are not for the pedestrians only. There are road rules for all people using the road, whether on foot or any kind of conveyance. If you are riding a bicycle you must know that you are riding a bicycle, you must know that you should keep to the extreme left and allow faster vehicle to overtake you on the right. Whatever, the vehicle you are driving you should keep left if you are moving slowly. If you wish to overtake another you must overtake it only on the right, you should never try overtaking a vehicle on a bridge or in a narrow street. There are various traffic Posts carrying certain “No U-turn,” No Entry”, “School Drive Slowly’, Main Road Ahead”, and son on. These instructions should be carefully followed.

If road rules are strictly followed they will ensure not only the safety of people walking on the road but also the safety of the costly vehicles we use.

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