English Essay on "Newspapers"

Press plays very important role in national life. Newspapers and magazines make up the press. Both these categories play a very important role in creating, guiding, educating and shaping the public opinion. A newspaper has become an essential part of man’s life. It plays a fundamental values. In trade and commerce its importance is universal. In reality, these newspapers serve as a strong link between the government and the general public.

For a person, interested in politics, there are comments on politics and reports on political developments in different countries of the world, for businessmen there are reports on business topics for those interested in sports there is a sports section, and even for those fond of just gassil, there are police court reports. This is not all: one of the most important features of the newspaper is its advertisement.

Newspapers do not merely give news to the public but educate them by publishing criticism and reviews on various published works books, and other articles. They public columns for teachers, politicians, technocrat’s students etc. it play a very significant role in the graph of knowledge and awareness. The knowledge is not only of a particular subject but it also includes other subject matters such as political affairs, scientific knowledge sports, entertainment, business news, film and programmers of religious knowledge.

However, a large number of people have to work hard just to get those few sheets of papers ready for us. News agencies have a number of reports in all the important cities of the world. These reporters prepare their reports amid send them by telegraph. They also receive news fro in their private correspondents from various parts of the world. Most of the staff of a newspaper office has to work out the staff of a newspaper office has to work out throughout the night to get our copies of the newspaper ready to the morning. We must not forget the humble newsboy who brings our morning paper right tip to our door. He too plays an important role in the drama.

By leading the newspaper of a country we can understand how the mind of the people there are working and what they think or feel. Besides newspapers are an excellent means of propaganda both for the people as well as the government. Newspapers are important features of modern times. The newspapers have a magazine section, which contains stories, articles and views. On different occasions, it issues supplements, expressing the importance of that occasion in detail. Essentiality, utility and significance of a newspaper can’t be described, as it is the part of our life.

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