Pleasures of Reading

English Essay on "Pleasures of Reading"

Just as our body needs food so does our mind. Without food we would be starved so also the mind would be starved if it received no nourishment. The mind gets nourishment from reading. Pleasures of reading are unending reading of goof books and magazines helps us to pas our tune pleasantly. When you are ill and in bed, when you are on a journey when you feel dull on a rainy day, books can help you to pass your time pleasantly. When we fed unhappy or sad or troubled a good can give you comfort and drive away the sorrow in our happy mood, books add to our happiness.

There are books, which give us id formation, about history geography; various sciences and so on. The give us pleasure by teaching so many new things. Then there are books on travels. As we read these books we feel as if we are really traveling over those for—off places countries. It is arm-chair traveling, it takes you to strange lands, which you could never visit — in your life there are books of poetry, anti poetry gives pleasure.

There was a time when books were rare and only kings or very wealthy people would afford to have a library of books on different topics and syllabus. We are more fortunate we have number of books available to us and in fact, the problem with us is to select which books we should road. Books are in deed an endless source of pressure.

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