The Profession I Should Like to Follow

English Essay on "The Profession I Should Like to Follow"

Choosing a profession is not an easy thing So many kind of attractive professions present themselves before us nut it is very important to remember that we can be a success only in that profession, in which we are interested, If I were asked what profession I am interested in, I would at once say teaching. I would like to be a professor,

To be a professor or a teacher is to fallow a noble calling. Teachers and professors play an important role in the life of a nation because they train the growing generation who will be the future citizen of the country.

I would like to be a professor in a college, in the life of a teacher or a professor you are always in the company of youth. You grow older but your companion are always young, the young boys and girls whom you teach, are your companions and they make you fed always young. Next you are always in the company of books.

Perhaps in no other profession you remain so much in touch with books as in the profession of teaching. In fact, young business is with books alone!

You are forever living with great minds of the world.

You keep in touch with the latest developments and progress iii the world over and above all this; you have an easy life to lead as a teacher or a professor. There are more holidays for them then for people in, perhaps any other profession. So you have great chances of improving your mind and making yourself happier.

Of course, so far as financial side is concerned, it is not very attractive. A teacher or professor does not make so much money but it does not matter for me so much. Above all I am interested in it and do I should like to follow the profession of teaching and be a professor in a collage.

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