A Visit to an Exhibition

English Essay on "A Visit to an Exhibition"

Exhibition is an important feature of our times. They have taken the place of the “Fairs and Mella” of the old items. There are art exhibitions, cultural exhibitions scientific exhibitions and Industrial exhibitions. The other day I visited an international industries exhibition.

As we entered the exhibition we found selves in beautiful gardens, constructed on the model of the famous Shalimar gardens of Lahore. Beautiful green carpets of grass and lovely fountains of cool waters were around us everywhere.

We started the rounds of the several pavilions erected by various countries of the world. All the big countries of the world from Japan in the cast to USA in the vest were represented there. England, Germany, France, Russia, China and a host of others pavilions were built in the architectural style of that country and decorated with the country’s flag. The best products of each country were housed in her own pavilion. It was extremely interesting to go from pavilion to pavilion seeing these things.

There were many restaurants in the grounds we refreshed ourselves in one of them when we felt tired and hungry. After spending several hours in viewing all these things, we reluctantly left the exhibition grounds.

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