My Favorite Game

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English Essay on "My Favorite Game"

Games play a very important part in a student’s life. It is a natural requirement, which keeps a society healthy, and active without games it would be dull and sluggish. Games keep the students fit and active, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

There are various games, which interest different people. The game, which interests me most, is cricket. It is a traditional English game. It was introduced in our country by the British officers at first but now it is a game that is of universal interest and is played in all parts of the world.

I live this game because I find it to be one of the healthiest out door games. It is also a team game and the result depends upon the combined efforts of all players of the team. We learn valuable qualities of cooperation and team spirit from this game. A cricket player has got to be strong. He has o be smart and quick too. It is one of the very few games, which cultivates so many good qualities in a player at the same time. This is why cricket is my favourite sport.

I have always taken a keen interest in the game and played several matches with other teams I have an ambition to be a great cricketer and day and to represent my country in international games. My heart thrills with joy when our teams of Pakistani players play against teams of other countries like those of England, New Zealand or the M.N.C.

This game is interesting not only for those who play it in field and those who actually witness the game but also for those sitting miles away and listening to a radio commentary of a match. Whenever, I am not able to see t match for myself I sit for hours together by the radio set and listen to the commentary.

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