Opportunities for Women in Professions

English Essay on "Opportunities for Women in Professions"

In these days more and more women like to certain careers and stand shoulder to shoulder with men.

There are several professions for which women are specially suited. Nature has gifted women with certain qualities required for these professions. For instance, the profession of Nursing. It is a profession suitable only for women, because the qualities of patience kindness, and gentleness, which are needed for this profession, arc found more in women than in men. As doctor too women has 1)1ovcc1 to be very efficient. In fact, female doctors are very much in demand. Another profession suitable for women is that of teaching. This too is a profession requiring great patience as well as resource fullness and women make very successful teachers. No country can progress without education. Specially countries like ours, which backward in education require greatest member of educators and teachers.

There are only a few of the many professions, which offer themselves to women. Women have great artistic judgment. They can give useful contribution to the art and culture of their country by studying fine arts like and music and then cultivate these arts.

Dignity, honour, nobility, brilliance and responsibility are the fundaments, which have up graded the role of women. Married women can be proved more successful in every walk of life. There are many profession, especially suited for women and these offer them vast opportunities.

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