The Happiest Day of My Life

English Essay on "The Happiest Day of My Life"

Life is earnest. Life is full of ups and downs. Life is what we make it. Life depends on the liver. It is a comedy for one who thinks. Life is a tragedy for one who feels.

When I think of the most exciting experience, I had, my mind goes back several years. For the full academic year I worked like bull. I studied all my lessons thoroughly for a dozen times. I knew it was very difficult to secure A grade in my Matric examination but as I had secured 85% marks in class IX examination I had made up my mind to do or die to secure A grade if not A-i grade in my examination.

I did my papers very well and had expected 100% marks in Mathematics and to secure nearly 90% in Physics. I also had done the paper of Islamiat very well. Urdu and English papers were also done nicely. Two months had already passed after the examination was over and it vas, perhaps, first week of August, when I heard a knock at the front door of a house at about 3,O’clock in the afternoon on Sunday. My father rushed in side as soon as the door had opened. Normally my father returned home after 5. P.M. so we were somewhat taken aback by his early arrived and the manner in which is my son”, he demanded. He asked about me and I went near him. He embraced me so warmly. He kissed on my forehead and cupping my face in his hands he looked so affectionately in my eyes that I was a bit confused. Then he looks out a newspaper from his pocket and said “Congratulations my son, you stood first in all Karachi students who passed their Matric this year in science group.”

It was indeed the happiest day of my life. In fact, a very unusual un-forgettable and the most interesting event of my things do not occur in a boy’s life very now and then.

The next day I invited my friends and relatives to enjoy a party and celebrate my success an excellent success. Most of my friends had already congratulated me on phone.. My friends and relatives presented me beautiful gifts. All of us enjoyed this happy occasion in a good mood. The happiest occasion has been inscribed in my mind. When I recall back that day, it enhances my confidence and will power and my heart is filled with delight.

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