An Unforgettable Incident of my Life

English Essay on "An Unforgettable Incident of my Life"

There are so many incidents of different types, which have left deep impact on my life. It was an accident of an aircraft, which had fallen on thickly populated area. It was a horrible accident, which has brought a great disaster. A number of people had died and many wounded in that accident. Burning flames had muffed a vast area and many houses had been damaged other destruction. There was a terrible violence, which destroyed the whole near about. There was also the speedy running of the ambulances. Panic was at the extreme. Army men and volunteers were busy in saving the lives of people who had fallen into troubles. This io1cncc had created a frightened situation. Everyone looked strained and stunned. That was the scene of a violent panic. A vast area had been badly damaged.

It was the happening of my childhood which had set a real pain sketch of severe accident in my mind: whenever I recall back those memories from my unconscious to the conscious surface, that horrible incident clicks a shivering effect on my body with the emotion of fear. It was really an unforgettable incident of my life, since then I never experienced any such panic. This incident has been inscribed on the screen of my mind. Whenever I fancy about it, an air of terror is generated ill my heart and past memories flash upon my mind.

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